So much has happened with no Update on the BLOG! We have had some awesome parties and some BIG BIG Winners.

The Snack bar has had many many compliments on the Food and we encourage you to come try out are awesome bingo games, fun honest staff, and Great food! What more can you ask for??

Here is our September, (Better late than never aye? ) Calendar

Bingo Glory Daytona Florida Calendar

We also are offering FREE Silent Bingo the 18th of September for Anyone who buys the $45 or $60 Combo!

Congratulations to all of those who came to our last party and EVERYONE got a $10 OFF certificate and Many other prizes Ranging from $50-$100 Cash and much much more! WE encourage anyone to come enjoy in our party and Super Saturdays fun!

#Bingodaytona #Bingofood #BingoSnack #bingohall #BingoDaytona #BestBingo #BingoGlory

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